Aah, Zephy, also a babe ;w; So many UTAU babes<33

Zephyrante © Katfura
Art © Gintaku

YESSS, MANI <33 I love drawing her ;w;

Mani Hatsu © Crowさん
Art © Gintaku

-sigh- I should make SPIKE covers again :<

Art & character © Gintaku

Searched for UTAU, and the first UTAU with the nicest design, I’d draw.

I might do this more often in the future, but maybe not finished drawings, but just sketches and other stuff maybe…

MU, Mirakuru Mirakuroid © TheMirakuloidProject
Art © Gintaku

I usually don’t post unfinished art here, but I’m just going to say that I do post sketches, WIPs and other stuff on my Instagram: Gintaku ← Feel free to follow me~ 

Future Trunks, Dragon Ball Z © Akira Toriyama
Art © Gintaku

Sort of a remake of an older drawing of Kagura U-U

Kagura is such a cutie. I love her ;A;

Kagura, Gintama © Sorachi Hideaki
Art © Gintaku

Video: 【UTAU】Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC 【深夜ユメ・Rami Avans】 

Art, Yume Shinya, Tatsuo Gekidone © Gintaku/Gintijd
Rami Avans © KyraEnvyChan

1. When Mino sees your dirty room.
2. When Mino’s going to clean up your dirty room.

I had so much fun drawing the second image.

Mino Shinya & Art © Gintaku

YISSSS I drew Gin-chan without ruining him. Working with ink is the best thing ever *-* Although I hated it when I had to use it at school.

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I couldn’t draw his other eye, so I made up something.

Mino Shinya & Art © Gintaku

I practice digital painting from time to time. And omg, I’ve improved so much ;A; I notice that I’m working way faster than a few months before, and that’s a big improvement for me ><”

Please enjoy this piece of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).

Reference was used, of course. I’d die without reference.

Fem!Tatsuo is hot.

I enjoy genderbending my male OC/UTAUs

Tatsuo Gekidone & art © Gintaku

I wanted to try and digital paint a portrait of my UTAU/OC. I did that a few times tho, but it took me HOURS to actually finish a piece. This one took me at least 3 hours, which is fast for me.


Mino Shinya & Art © Gintaku

I’m not really an active artist, but I try my best.

Here, enjoy a little Elizabeth :U You need it.

Art by Gintaku
Elizabeth, Gintama © Sorachi Hideaki

Zhu Ran, Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends

AHAHA I’ve been up all night just to finish this piece!

Art © Gintaku